Young Leaders Council Announces 2022 Board of Directors


NEW ORLEANS – From the Young Leadership Council:

JLC is proud to announce the 24 individuals who will serve on the JLC 2022 Board of Directors. These board members will work together to support JLC’s mission to develop young professional leadership through community projects.

The 2022 Executive Committee will be led by President Andrew Koehler of Intralox. Yelena McCloskey of IberiaBank/First Horizon will serve as Past President, while Patrick Hernandez of Propeller and Roulaison Distilling will serve as President-Elect.

“The continued challenges of 2021 have reminded our Board of Directors, staff and members of the valuable ways young leaders serve New Orleans,” said Andrew Koehler. “As our city faces many challenges this new year, JLC is well positioned to meet these needs. The 2022 Board and Members of YLC are committed to making New Orleans a place where young professionals can work, play and raise families. There is a lot of work to do and we are ready for the task.

Past President Kevin Feguson led the Nominating Committee and oversaw the recruitment and development of the 2022 Board of Directors.

“2021 has given us the opportunity to be more active and intentional in strengthening YLC’s commitment to diversity and equity in New Orleans,” he said. “We are incredibly excited about the talent, expertise and vision the 2022 Board will have – I leave our Board knowing that YLC is in good hands.”

Two new board members will join the executive committee in 2022: Blake Eckert of Sev1Tech will serve as vice president of communications and Erica Sensenbrenner of Adams and Reese will serve as general counsel. Josie Delaune of Sev1Tech as Vice President of Memberships, Gavin Pitre of Lucid as Treasurer, Esteban Largaespada of Optimism Online as Vice President of Projects, and Lauren Michel of Tulane University as Vice – president of development complete the ranks of the executive committee.

On the General Council, YLC welcomes three additional new members: Morgan England from Tulane University, Jamelle Lacey from the PepsiCo Foundation and Ryan Estaris from Canon Healthcare.

Graham Williams of Sternberg, Naccari & White, Stephen Sewell of Tetra Tech, Danielle Boveland of Louisiana State Bar Association, Jeremy McMullin of Ernst & Young, Cory Cheramie of Re/Max Generations, Kristie Kaaa of Bevy, Dianna are back as as members of the General Council. Hernandez, public relations strategist and event planner, Katherine Hammer of the Hand Center of Louisiana, Liz Waller of Accruent, Damon Carraby of Teach For America, Cassie Carreras of Louisiana Bar Foundation, and Olivia Mertensmeyer of Humana.

Wayne Encalarde, Caroline Hayes, Mia Lewis, Amanda Menniti, Nancia Sterling and Kevin Ferguson will leave the Board of Directors in 2022. JLC thanks them very much for the mark they left during their tenure. The support and guidance they have provided, particularly in 2021, has been immeasurable and will ensure the success of the organization and their colleagues in the future.

2022 JLC Board of Directors

  • President: Andrew Koehler
  • Past President: Yelena McCloskey
  • President-elect: Patrick Hernandez
  • Vice President of Development: Lauren Michel
  • Membership Vice-President: Josie Delaune
  • Vice President of Projects: Esteban Largaespada
  • Treasurer: Gavin Pitre
  • Vice President of Communications: Blake Eckert
  • General Counsel: Erica Sensenbrenner

general Council

Graham Williams, Stephen Sewell, Jeremy McMullin, Danielle Boveland, Cory Cheramie, Kristie Kaaa, Dianna Hernandez, Katherine Hammer, Liz Waller, Damon Carraby, Cassie Carreras, Olivia Mertensmeyer, Morgan England, Jamelle Lacey and Ryan Estaris


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