Young family needs flood relief


I ask for help on behalf of my daughter, Carissa, and her family who experienced an unusually severe flash flood in Apache Junction, Arizona on July 28th. Links included show news footage of the flood.

Carissa and her husband have five children and Carissa is seven months pregnant with their sixth child. They live in a small house and have started a fledgling business in their garage. Now the house and garage are damaged, leaving them with no income or business income. Friends, family and neighbors have been very helpful and accommodating, and the Red Cross has helped with temporary housing assistance, but the family needs funds to restore their home to life and get their business back on track in working order.

The estimated costs are:

Clean house debris and dry interior 4500

Clean garage debris and dry interior 1500

Replace damaged drywall throughout 2000

Painting 1500

Replace Flooring 4500

Temporary furniture storage Thank you contractors!

One week of temporary accommodation Thank you Red Cross!

Temporary accommodation second week 1000

TOTAL 15,000



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