Who are Michelle Young’s parents?


If you have been following current events Bachelorette Michelle Young, then you know that one of the most important things about her is the love and utter admiration she has for her parents’ relationship – she even credits their 30+ year marriage for why she is still single. Michelle gushed about growing up and seeing her parents being best friends and laughing a lot together, and she hopes for something similar. “I’m not going to settle down until I have a love as powerful as theirs,” she said in her season premiere. the bachelorette, where fans recently saw her adorable parents during a clip of the trio outside grilling.

“I want you to have someone like your dad,” Michelle’s mom said during the segment looking directly at her husband. “Your father couldn’t be a kinder person, a more generous person.” Michelle’s father quietly replied, “Now you’re going to make me cry.” Afterward, Michelle’s mom closed the touching moment by telling her daughter, “He’s everything to me.” Sob!!!!

Prior to this super precious moment, Bachelor Nation was introduced to Michelle’s parents during Matt James’ season hometown dates. The single person. Naturally, fans fell in love with Michelle Rents, so now is the time to find out more about these two adorable humans. Let’s dive!

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Which are Bachelorette Michelle Young’s parents?

LaVonne and Ephraim Young are mom and dad respectively. While Pops is retired, it looks like Michelle got the teaching bug from her mom, who appears to be an educator. During Matt’s Hometowns season, Michelle revealed that “her family’s opinion matters a lot.”

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Are they watching Michelle’s season? the bachelorette?

Yes! Okay, sure, that sounds awkward, but Michelle’s dad seems to be handling his daughter dating 30 men on national TV *mostly*. In an Instagram story showing her dad, Michelle jokingly asks, “How are you feeling, daddy?” He replies, “Okay, so far,” and Michelle bursts out laughing. It’s really adorable. Michelle captioned the video, “Dad feeling slightly stressed watching all the kisses.”


Mom’s thoughts and feelings are still TBD I guess!

Does Michelle have siblings?

Yes, LaVonne and Ephraim have two other children, so Michelle has a brother, Alex, and a sister, Angela. Michelle’s mother posted a photo she took of the children with their father on her Facebook page in 2016.

That’s all we have for now! Tune the bachelorette Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC to hopefully see more of Michelle with her super adorable parents.

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