The Chase Young leadership style explained by Washington coach Rivera


Washington’s Ron Rivera recognizes leadership when he sees it. This is how the trainer is built.

And, says Rivera, that’s how WFT defensive star Chase Young is built.

“He does things the way you’re supposed to,” Rivera says of Young. “He does things like a leader.”

Young, last year’s second pick in the NFL Draft, is entering only his second season and is only 22 years old. But during a recent appearance on “The Cris Collinsworth Podcast,” Ron Rivera spoke on what makes Young special — and not just as a performer on Sundays.

“When he trains, he tries to be first in everything,” Rivera explains. “When he’s in training, he tries to be first with training.”

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And on Sunday… everything translates.

“Then,” Rivera said, “when we’re in the game, he’s constantly got energy on the court, comes in the sidelines, they make the corrections, and then as soon as they’re done he’s back through. the coaches, encouraging the attack, encouraging the special teams. And when someone makes a play, he is one of the first to salute it.

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: when a team’s best player is also among its hardest workers, their teammates follow. As Rivera notes, “When one of your best players does that stuff…everyone starts to react. He also has an infectious personality; it’s very positive.

The Washington Football Team won the NFC East last year due to a change in leadership, attitude and talent. Rivera obviously believes in Chase Young as a fundamental reason the WFT can do it again…and again.

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