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**Update** Thank you to everyone who donated. The love, prayers and support everyone has offered is beyond words.

Adam was released from the hospital and began his long journey of endless surgeries and recovery. The sad news is that he lost his sight in his left eye, he crushed his knee, his skull and face were crushed in several places and he suffered severe tendon damage and on my leg. The injuries sustained will prevent him from working in the career he has built over the past decade+. This devastating blow to him and his family was difficult to accept and deal with. Unfortunately, he’s still not home, and won’t be for a long time. Recently Adam was told he had been turned down for FMLA so their family will attempt this trip with little to no income for him, his 3 children and his fiancée Whitney. We are looking for additional donations to support everyone for the next 6 months or more, including the three children’s birthdays and Christmas.

Thank you again for everyone’s donation and support. Please share, share, share because every little bit counts!

My name is Melissa Montgomery and I created this on behalf of the Mayrhofer family, specifically for Whitney and their 3 young children. Adam was the victim of a horrific car accident that turned his life upside down and which most would not have survived. We are asking for help to provide for their young family as they go through this ordeal. Adam was the financial provider for his home and any help you can offer will allow Whitney and our family to focus on Adam’s healing and recovery. Adam is currently still in intensive care and faces a very difficult road to recovery. Unfortunately, he is expected to be permanently blind and lose his eye completely. He will have to face multiple surgeries to repair the damage caused during the accident. By the grace of God, he is alive and we must celebrate him.

The amount of money we request is to cover the following

rent of $2,200 per month

groceries for 5 people $800+ per month

Various invoices ; electricity, water, telephones, etc. $2,000 per month

Plus costs to and from Seattle daily

As you all know, even a dollar can help, and we are truly grateful for anything you can offer. There are immediate needs that will be taken care of as soon as donations arrive.

Please continue to pray for strength, wisdom and healing


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