Supporting the young family after the loss of a loving father


Aloha, my name is Bonnie Jacques and I humbly seek financial assistance to ease the burden that unexpected and overwhelming emergency medical bills have created for my sister Kerry Magiske’s simple and loving family of four.

They recently suffered the loss of their husband and father Mike in a tragic accident. Mike was a remarkable father and friend, baseball coach, mountaineer, and all-around athlete, who single-handedly supported his family financially through his one-man construction business in their hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah. while Kerry was completing a three-year college program in nursing this summer. Kerry and their two children, Tristan (9) and Kiera (13), first saved Mike’s life by pulling him from the ocean after he suffered a devastating spinal cord injury that left him instantly paralyzed and unable to breathe on his own.

Unfortunately, their affordable health insurance did not cover overseas medical care, and an emergency medical transport flight was required to bring the family home to the United States. Once back in intensive care in Utah, Mike suffered a life-threatening case of pneumonia. Sadly, two days after returning to Utah, Mike passed away in the loving arms of his wife Kerry. This fundraiser is intended to help offset the huge medical bills that have been racked up to bring Mike home as well as help set up Kerry, Tristan and Kiera for some financial stability for the next few months and allow the children to pursue their passions for little league baseball. (Tristan) and competitive climbing (Kiera) until Kerry can work again.

With deepest gratitude and love.


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