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The community continues to support the husband and children of a young mother from Daylesford who tragically died of cancer last week. A friend of Shonel Bryant took to the Go Fund Me page set up to help her family share the news. “In the early hours of this morning, Friday, January 21, Shonel passed away peacefully. She was home and passed away in her sleep, just the way she wanted to go.” The post said Ms Bryant was “determined” to be there for her daughter’s birthday on January 10. “Not only was she there, but she was able to enjoy the celebrations, creating more incredible memories that her beautiful family will cherish forever.” Her close friends and family gathered in the days after her death “to honor her memory and celebrate the incredible person she was and will continue to be in spirit.” Related cover: “Extremely Difficult”: Mom diagnosed with terminal cancer and having weeks to live cancer typically diagnosed in young women. After initially looking for a success story online, she couldn’t find one, so she decided to create a documentary series about her journey through cancer called Life on Standby and made it her personal mission to raise awareness of the importance of regularly checking the breasts and pecs for lumps. and bumps. She developed a business, Support Your Girls, where 50% of merchandise sales were used to establish a youth education program focused on cancer prevention and the importance of self-checks. After intensive treatment, which involved chemotherapy, radiotherapy and multiple surgeries, including the removal of all her lymph nodes, she was given the all clear. But in 2020, doctors discovered a cancerous lymph node under her collarbone. Ms Bryant beat cancer a second time and in the middle of last year she received the good news when her scans came back clear. At the end of last year, Ms Bryant suffered from a persistent cough. He was initially told it was a viral infection, later told his cancer had metastasized and was diagnosed with stage four end-stage lung cancer. In early December 2021, Ms Bryant learned she had just weeks to live. After this tragic turn, her community rallied around her family – delivering meals and other goods and creating a Go Fund Me page to help the family come to terms with their future and enjoy the rest of their time together. Raising $164,000 in three days, he is currently $262,307 away from the $300,000 target. To donate to the family, visit: Our team of local reporters work hard to provide local, up-to-date news to the Ballarat community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:



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