My Life As A Mom


When my partner and I decided to start a family, we hadn’t yet been married yet.  He wasn’t my husband, but we knew eventually that we would want to start a family after getting married.

The wedding was amazing, the honeymoon was unbelievable, but our family was even better.  We now have two adorable little children, and they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

On this blog, I want to document my journey as a mother, the struggles of being a mom, and the in’s and out’s of starting a family at a young age.  I want to talk about the differences between living as a couple and living as parents.

I think it’s important to be continuously learning, especially as parents, because there are so many different parenting techniques.  I strive to be a great mother and my husband is an amazing father.  However, we’re always looking for tips and tools to help us become even better parents.  I hope my blog will help you to do just that!