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SRINAGAR: Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha today congratulated young achievers with the ‘Kashmir Young Leadership Award’ during the Kashmir Leadership Summit here at SKICC.

Speaking on the occasion, the Lieutenant Governor congratulated the young laureates who received the award for their outstanding work in different fields and praised their contribution to bringing about positive changes in society.

“Young leaders facilitate the creation of a prosperous society that did not exist before. Only young leaders, young minds can solve the big problems of the whole world and generate more ideas and resources to face future challenges”, noted the Lt Governor while congratulating the achievers.

The Lieutenant Governor said there is no better source of growth for a country than the power of youth. With the help of technology and the benefits of globalization, the young population is the real creator of an advanced and equal society, he added.

Youth have great powers and it must be exercised with responsibility, values, morals and ethics for the continued advancement of humanity, the Lieutenant Governor said.

Under the leadership of Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, J&K is forging ahead on the path of progress and development keeping in mind the expectations and aspirations of the youth. Our achievement in different areas is a sign of the progress made in empowering youth, said the Lieutenant Governor.

He observed that the youth are at the center of the development agenda of the UT governments and several reform measures are being undertaken by the administration to address the troubling issues of the youth and fully harness their potential to develop a peaceful and progressive Jammu-Kashmir.

The Lieutenant Governor observed that during his regular interactions with youth over the past 13 months, he noted that J&K youth today have five important priorities: First, they need to get jobs based on their qualifications; second, they should have plenty of opportunities and leadership to become entrepreneurs; third, access to modern education in line with market demands and dynamically changing skills; fourth, the implementation of good governance practices and the complete elimination of corruption from the system and their fifth priority is to have the opportunity to lead a healthy, peaceful and safe life.

The Lieutenant Governor assured that continuous efforts are being made in different sectors to streamline the system and provide an ecosystem conducive to the proper channeling of the energies of young people by creating a multitude of opportunities in the fields of education, employment, health and safety.

With sustained systematic interventions such as Mission Jeunesse, the creation of youth clubs, women’s entrepreneurship programs such as ‘Tejaswini’, ‘Hausala’ and ‘Saath’, providing access to modern education and a multitude of programs focusing on youth, the government provides a vibrant medium for youth engagement and empowerment at J&K, helping them to become ambassadors for peace, prosperity and socio-economic growth, the Lt. Governor added .

The talent that UT has is no less than any other part of the country. We encourage innovation, entrepreneurship, honing and developing scientific temperament in young people early on so that they can meet the demands of the future world, said the Lieutenant Governor.

The government with its programs like Mumkin, Tejaswini, Rise Together, Tourist Village Network, Parwaz and others is strengthening the J&K Youth Capital and making it an active partner in the journey of a prosperous Jammu and Kashmir , powerful and autonomous. , observed the lieutenant-governor.

Industries had never been allowed to flourish in Jammu and Kashmir before. But, now UT is witnessing an industrial revolution that will go a long way in creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for the local population.

With a new industrial development scheme worth Rs 28,400 crores attracting huge investment in J&K, we aim to provide employment opportunities to at least 10 lakh youths. Through the Back to Village program, 20,000 aspiring young entrepreneurs have been financially empowered to start their own businesses and achieve their dreams, the Lieutenant Governor added.

The government has been liberal in providing funds for education and sports. The combined education and sports budget of Jammu and Kashmir is Rs 2,386 crores, which is relatively higher than several larger states.

We also provide world-class sports facilities and infrastructure for young people. The budget for youth services and sports this year is Rs 513 crore, which in itself speaks to the government’s commitment to showcasing the best sporting talent, the Lieutenant Governor said.

The Lieutenant Governor urged young people not to fall for the plot that aims to plunge their future into darkness. He called on young people to stay away from drugs and work diligently to contribute to the progress of the nation

“Our neighboring country, which has failed in its infamous design to disrupt peace and prosperity, is smuggling J&K drugs to disrupt the growth of our youth. We must fight this threat collectively,” said the Lieutenant-Governor.

Remembering the words of Mahatma Gandhi – “Strength does not come from physical ability. It comes from an indomitable will,” the Lieutenant Governor called on young people to use their potential for the good of society, to be inspired by successful young people and to contribute to nation building.

“Challenges and struggles sharpen an individual’s personality, bring out the best in them,” remarked the Lieutenant Governor.

The Lieutenant Governor congratulated the young recipients who received the award and asked them to be the standard bearers for new ideas and change. We are proud of our young people who are making their mark in different fields and bringing laurels to J&K and making UT proud, the Lieutenant Governor added.

The Lieutenant Governor commended young leaders who are actively working in drug rehabilitation activities and bringing lost youth back to mainstream life.

No less than 46 young performers in various fields including health, education, sports, adventure sports, social work, journalism, environmental conservation, art, music, empowerment of women, etc. were rewarded on this occasion.

Senior government officials; prominent citizens from all walks of life; members of the laureates’ families were present on occasion.


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