Indoor Sports Dome Q&As

What is an indoor sports dome made of?

An indoor sports dome, otherwise referred to as an air-supported structure or bubble consists of a fabric membrane of several layers fully supported by air pressure. A concrete grade beam anchors the structure to the ground. The purpose of the outer layer is strength and is manufactured from architectural grade vinyl coated polyester fabric. The pattern used is specific to each dome to create the unique shape. The seams are welded to create strength more powerful than the original fabric itself. The interior layer provides the acoustics and thermal properties of the dome. An additional layer for insulation may be added as well.

What kind of sports can you play in an indoor sports dome?

Most indoor sports domes such as this one in Aurora, Ontario are multi-sport facilities. The most popular sports making use of these year-round facilities are soccer, rugby, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, football as well as less structured sports such as ultimate frisbee, paintball and jiu jitsu!

Where can you find indoor sports domes in Canada?

Canada has many indoor sports domes, the largest to date being Edmonton’s sports dome at 60,000 square feet. The entertainment and sports hub for the city boasts 2 NHL sized hockey rinks, soccer fields, a restaurant and lounge, a Celtic hall plus a “fun dome” which houses an indoor children’s play playground and an 18-hole mini golf course.

Closer to home, is the Barrie Sports Dome, Max’s Sport’s World in Waterloo, and the Bradford sports dome in Bradford, Ontario to name a few. Toronto’s Soccerplex has stood the test of time, since it has been around since 2006.

What is the cost of an indoor sports dome?

Since every dome is a custom job it is difficult to determine the cost to construct a dome. Size and use are determining factors. Generally, sports domes cost far less than regular brick and mortar construction. Plus, a dome can be erected in much less time. Once the site has been prepared, and all permits obtained, a dome can be ready for use in just a few months! The benefit of the revenue return of a year-round use of a multi-sports facility will offset the overall cost to erect the dome.