‘I thought we were going to die’: How a young family survived 48 lost hours in the backcountry


The young mother of a family who disappeared for two days while traveling from Queensland to New South Wales has revealed new details about how she survived in the outback on just a liter of water and some lollipops.

Darian Aspinall, 27, his children Winter Bellamy, 2, and Koda Bellamy, 4, and their grandmother Leah Gooding, 50, were reported missing to police after they were last seen on Sunday.

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Fortunately, the group’s car was spotted by a search and rescue helicopter late Tuesday afternoon and they were taken to the nearest hospital in Tiboobura.

The car had gotten stuck when the family took a wrong turn and found themselves in remote territory near the NSW border.

The family’s car was spotted by search and rescue helicopters on Tuesday. Credit: 7NEWS

Miraculously, all of the family managed to escape the ordeal mostly unscathed, with only sore and swollen feet injured after walking on dirt roads for hours trying to find help.

Now Aspinall has shared extraordinary details about the nightmare, revealing the group only had a liter of water and pacifiers to keep the four of them going.

The group survived on pacifiers and water from puddles for 48 hours. Credit: 7NEWS

“Honestly, I thought we were going to die,” Aspinall told 7NEWS before collapsing.

“Me and mom had a tearful moment, at least we were together.”

To keep warm, the family ripped the covers off the car seats, using them as blankets to protect the children from the cold.

“We froze for two nights,” Aspinall said.

Darian Aspinall told 7NEWS that they have taken the covers off the car seats to use as blankets for children. Credit: 7NEWS

Without cellphone reception, she was unable to contact her fiancé Linny Bellamy, who was following her in a moving van before the group took the fateful wrong turn.

After 48 hours, Aspinall said she decided to go for a walk alone, where she came across a puddle filled with bugs and dirt.

She said she went into “survival mode” and collected about two liters of water from the puddle for her family to drink.

“The kids sculled it, we sculled it, we didn’t care at the time, we were so dehydrated.”

After the extraordinary ordeal, the group hit the road again on Wednesday evening, eventually making their way to Adelaide to reunite with the rest of the family.

The police called to remove the wild turkey from the apartment.

The police called to remove the wild turkey from the apartment.

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