Fighting cancer with a young family


Stacey Withington began a six-year educational journey with a vision to inspire and help others become the best versions of themselves, become confident and believe in themselves. Also, it helps people overcome their difficulties in life by talking to them about their problems and allowing them to use the tools that Stacey gave them in her counseling sessions.

Stacey found it second nature to her, as she herself had been through some terribly difficult times. Stacey’s adult education began at the University of Bolton, where she enrolled in a criminological and forensic psychology course.

Since Stacey and a skilled colleague started her own consulting business with a partner, they run positive psychology workshops and an online wellness store

During this degree, Stacey got pregnant, which was a blessing as she was told from a young age that she couldn’t have children. While pregnant, Stacey developed a condition called cholestasis which made her very sick throughout the pregnancy.

Cholestasis is caused by hormonal changes that affect the liver, producing toxins that the body cannot get rid of. It also made her feel like her blood was on fire, and her skin was itchy all over and blistered and scared. Stacey barely slept; she was given medication to lessen the side effects, but some of the symptoms persisted. Stacey has become high risk with the unborn baby.

Stacey battled the disease throughout her graduation and pregnancy until the end. Due to cholestasis, the birth was induced early, as there was a high risk of stillbirth; during the planned induction there was a medical emergency, the baby’s heart rate began to drop and the emergency button was pressed, and the doctors came running and had to intervene during the delivery .

A healthy baby boy named Jamie was born and Stacey spent several days in hospital recovering. Two weeks later, Stacey returned to college and graduated first class with honors.

During this 6 year period in college, Stacey studied and worked and experienced a traumatic pregnancy and childbirth. Nothing stopped him in his will, his commitment and his dedication to help others.

Stacey then decided to re-enroll at the University of Bolton to complete her Masters in Positive Psychology despite the difficulties of being in a global pandemic, most of the course was conducted via zoom.

During the college course, a special party was set aside at Walt Disney World to celebrate her successful graduation as she had to earn an honor and also wanted to surprise her baby boy for his birthday.

During the course’s final ending, Stacey got pregnant again with her second child, which was once again a miracle.

The holidays were moved to later in the year as the second child was due by the time we were traveling to Disney.

Stacey started feeling unwell early in the pregnancy and Stacey got cholestasis again, Stacey got it from 12 weeks which was very rare to develop it that early in the pregnancy. Throughout the pregnancy, Stacey suffered from the same symptoms and it was decided by a consultant to be induced again early.

During induction Stacey had another medical emergency, shortly after her waters broke an emergency ultrasound was required and the baby was transverse during her contractions. Doctors rushed to perform an emergency cesarean section, during which Stacey’s heart rate went from an average of around 70 to a peak of 160 beats, then she passed out.

Stacey had lost a lot of blood in the cesarean section and had to undergo a blood transfusion and go to intensive care in the maternity ward. Stacey gave birth to a healthy daughter named Sophia, although during the cesarean the newborn was accidentally cut at the bottom with the scalpel which needed stitches.

After a short stay in the hospital, Stacey was discharged, the baby was healthy and Stacey began to recover well from major surgery. Stacey chose not to breastfeed and Sophia was bottle fed.

A few weeks later, Stacey noticed that in one of her breasts there was a lump and she didn’t think about it. Stacey thought it must be pregnancy related, like a blocked milk duct. Stacey was advised to have this checked out by the doctors. The doctor told Stacey on the phone, come straight to the doctors to be checked. The doctor then found two more bumps and sent Stacey on an urgent referral to identify what they were.

Stacey underwent an ultrasound and breast biopsy; About a week later, Stacey was invited back to the hospital to discuss the results, thinking a course of antibiotics would fix the problem. Stacey was brought into a room, and a few minutes later a consultant and a nurse came in, they told Stacey the devastating news that she had cancer.

A 34 year old mum who is normally a healthy person who takes care of herself. It was shocking after having just given birth to learn that she had cancer. Stacey is now in the care of Christie’s Hospital and after a number of tests she was identified as having triple negative breast cancer.

Triple-negative breast cancer is a relatively rare form of breast cancer that is rapid, more aggressive, and harder to treat than other types of breast cancer.

It is known as triple negative because it lacks three molecules called receptors. All other types of breast cancer have at least one of three receptors: estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) or human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2).

These receptors are important for transmitting signals to cancer cells. For example, the hormone estrogen stimulates the growth of certain breast cancer cells through the estrogen receptor. The cancer has spread to a lymph node as well as to the left breast. Stacey is due to start treatment in September.

The trip to Walt Disney World had to be canceled due to Stacey’s health risk. Stacey is now off work and will not receive any sick pay as she is self-employed. She asked for help from the government who said she was not entitled to any help. Stacey and her family are so worried that the coming months are going to be a financial struggle with the current climate, especially with price increases and rising energy bills.

Stacey has in the past raised money for various charities herself, she’s been in local newspapers, she made Britain’s highest parachute jump at 15,000ft for a children’s charity . Stacey also worked at the Simeon Center counseling people in difficulty. Also strong Alice for families experiencing and fleeing domestic violence. The Bolton Boys and Girls Club helps children have a safe space to learn and grow. These and many other charities help others without asking for anything in return.

Unfortunately we have to set up this go fund me page because we need to ask for financial help from the kind people reading this so that Stacey can stop working and fight this rare type of aggressive breast cancer and then one day get back to helping all those struggling in life who need Stacey’s counseling skills.


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