Cousin kicks out young family over rumors


A woman and her four children say they were evicted from their family home by a cousin who claims to be the owner of the house in Onaame village in Ohangwena.

Rachel Hamutenya (32) was kicked out of the house for allegedly destroying her cousin’s wedding.

Hamutenya and her children are now living with a neighbor after being dropped under a tree by the police.

When New era visited her, she said the house belongs to her grandmother and they have lived there for 28 years. However, last November her grandmother moved in with her daughter due to deteriorating health and her cousin and his wife decided to come and stay with them.

“It was last December when my cousin brought his wife to our house. So we had a good relationship as a family,” she said.

Hamutenya further explained that last April the cousin started molesting children daily and telling them to get out of his house.

“He started accusing me of destroying his marriage and telling his wife that he had a lot of women in our village, but I never said that,” she said.

She said New era on April 19, her cousin went to the police to get a restraining order so she could get out of the house “because I’m disturbing their peace and he’s no longer happy.”

“He came with the police from Ohangwena police station who told me that my cousin had opened a restraining order for me to come out of his house. The police explained the restraining order to me in Oshiwambo and later I was ordered to pack all my things and get out of the house, never to come back,” she pointed out.

She was then placed in a police vehicle and deposited under a tree beside the road with her children and belongings.

“I spent the day under the tree crying with my children until around 7 p.m. Later, I went to see my neighbor to ask her if she could put me up for a short time,” she explained.

Hamutenya said she left her mahangu in the field, which she cultivated with the children, while the beans were destroyed by the cousin.

Approached for a comment, Mwahafa Haitembu (37), whom Hamutenya accused of evicting her, claimed he had given her land so she could build her own house, but she refused to come out and added that he also informed the elders of the family. give him land.

“I decided to open a protective order because I’m tired of her destroying my marriage, I no longer have peace with my wife because of my cousin who tells my wife that I have many women in the village,” Haitembu said. New era.

Hamutenya has since gone to court for a reprieve.

“After I reported the matter, the court summoned us last Friday for a hearing. The magistrate told us that they will investigate the matter as soon as possible,” Hamutenya said.

She said the court told them it would make arrangements to discuss the matter with their relatives and traditional authority to find a solution to the problem.

Moreover, Hamutenya appeals to the public to help her with food, clothes and blankets as she has nothing to eat with her children.

She can be contacted at 0812127574 or 0814376404.

Also approached for comment, the village chief of Onaame in Ohangwena region said that Hamutenya had reported the matter when she had already been kicked out of the house and the police were already involved, therefore, he can’t do anything since the case is already in progress. the hands of the court.

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