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Three years after her death, Ashley Young’s family is still trying to turn the page.

Young, a graduate of Grand Haven High School, was murdered on November 29, 2018. Jared Chance received a maximum sentence of 200 years in prison for Young’s murder.

His torso, arms and legs were found in Chance’s apartment in Grand Rapids after his neighbor decided to investigate a foul smell and found a bloody tarp in the basement. However, his head and hands were never found.

Ashley’s mother, Kristine Young, and Kristine’s partner, Dana Nelson, hosted a memorial event earlier this week on the anniversary of her death. They gathered at the Tri-Cities Family YMCA and launched colorful balloons in memory of Ashley.

“We wanted to keep his memory alive,” Nelson said. “We want people to remember what happened.”

They also want to find the rest of Ashley’s remains. The family has raised money over the past few years to offer any information as a reward.

“We’re trying to fundraise so that if someone comes in with real information that we can use, we can have a sum of money that we can give them,” Nelson said. “We’re still hoping someone will tell us where the rest of her is.”

Nelson said Ashley was involved in musical arts at Grand Haven High School. If there comes a time when the family gives up hope of an award, they will donate that money to create a scholarship to help GHHS students who hope to pursue a career in the fine arts.

Anyone interested in contributing can donate to the Lake Michigan Credit Union’s Ashley Young Memorial account or contact Nelson via Facebook.

Nelson said Ashley’s 7-year-old niece dressed up as a dragonfly this Halloween in memory of her aunt.

“She wanted to be a dragonfly because we tell her, every time you see a dragonfly, that’s Aunt Ashley coming to visit,” Nelson said. “We are still traumatized.


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