A young family left a medical bill of 4,000 euros after falling ill while on vacation in Spain


A mum has had a holiday from hell after she and her partner fell ill on their return home and had to spend a week in a foreign hospital. Angel Kirkland, his partner Ryan Smith and their six-month-old daughter Sierra arrived in Tenerife last month and spent five nights there. The family had a great time – until they got home.

After taking a coach back to the airport, Angel and Ryan repeatedly got sick outside the bus park. Angel collapsed to the ground and could barely walk and on his way to get medical help, Ryan fell ill with the same symptoms. They were taken to a nearby hospital, where a week-long standoff ensued between the hospital and the family’s insurance company, Edinburgh Live reports.

Angel, 24, from Gorebridge, Scotland, said: “While we were in the medical ward we were put on an anti-sickness drip and Sierra was taken away by two lovely members of staff from Jet2. She was out from her and I could hear her screaming We felt helpless lying there it was such a shame she had to wonder what was going on.

“It was usually his bedtime as it was past 9pm but we were taken by ambulance to the Hospitalen Sur in Tenerife where they told us we both had gastroenteritis and that we had to pay 200 euros just to be seen.”

Angel’s partner Ryan, also 24, fought their case and managed to get them seen, saying they had insurance so they wouldn’t have to pay. After that, the hospital said it was a private facility and the nearest NHS hospital was nearly two hours away. After one of the nurses at the hospital contacted the family’s insurance company, they were told they would have nothing to pay and nothing to worry about.

Angel, a tanning salon manager, added: “Saturday morning we were taken to a suitable bed and we were supposed to have our blood drawn but no one came. On Sunday we were told that the systems were down and that’s why our blood didn’t We were put on a liquid diet the first day and then when we finally got to eat solids they brought us meat and fish even though I said I couldn’t eat either.

“Meanwhile, our little girl has been wearing the same clothes for three days now. Luckily a lovely interpreter managed to get her clothes clean but she had nappies that were too big. Every time we asked for milk the staff would roll eyes towards us.”

Angel said they were being held in a Tenerife hospital ‘like prisoners’

Angel said that from Sunday they were told they would be released but had to wait for the Post Office to send the hospital a guarantee of payment. After 18 phone calls between her and the post office, Angel was then told that they wouldn’t be paying because the family shouldn’t have stayed in the hospital for so long and it wasn’t their fault.

“We weren’t even allowed to leave the room or take our baby for a walk. On Monday night we were told that regardless of whether the insurance agreed to pay or not, we would be allowed to leave. This morning they came in again and said you pay or leave and slammed the door by then we had had enough and were out of the hospital we had to arrange flights to Bristol as every flight to Edinburgh had more than 13 stopovers.

“We are flying back to Edinburgh today. The hospital and post office staff were an absolute disgrace for the way they treated us, especially with a small child. We were made to feel like prisoners with a baby.”

The young family now finds itself with a medical bill of more than 4,000 euros, with no way to reimburse it. La Poste is currently investigating the issue.

A Post office spokesperson said: “We are sorry to hear of the experience of Ms Kirkland and her young family at the end of their holiday in Tenerife. We are urgently investigating what happened at hospital and we will be in touch with Ms Kirkland regarding her claim.”

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