A young family hope to turn the Burnley sports bar into a family pub


A young couple who have taken over a pub are trying to make it a friendly place where they would like to take their two-year-old son.

Josh Astin, 23, and his fiancée Mia Flynn, 22, took over the Vintage Claret on Yorkshire Street, Burnley, in November last year and as the new year has begun they are trying to turn the pub into a bar and a local establishment. for families.

The couple, who have a two-year-old son called Max, have already launched a live music night on a Friday called ‘Vintage Unplugged’, but are looking to the future in hopes of introducing more music events, including a open mic.

Mia said: “We want to make it a local pub.

“Becoming a family pub is a big thing for us. We take Max out and go to pubs but there are places that don’t accept children.

Mia adds: “We want the pub to be a warm and friendly environment where people feel they can bring their families.

“There are pubs we wouldn’t take Max to so it’s nice to run somewhere we would take him.”

Josh, who attended Fisher More RC Secondary School in Colne and Mia, who attended Blessed Trinity RC Secondary School in Burnley, both wanted to run a pub together and say the Vintage Claret was the right place for them and fell into their lap at the right time.

Josh, who has been in the industry for seven years, is also a regular in the ‘under the culvert’ pub scene where Vintage Claret opened its doors three years ago.

He added: “We always wanted to run our own pub, but it was just that we were too young.

“We had never had the opportunity before and they were asking people to run the place day to day to take over the bar and that’s when it all started.

“After the pandemic we know some people will still be nervous about coming back to the pub, but we want people to know it is safe to come in.”


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